a musical parable

In the not too distant future, a group of rebels in an unnamed country hide from their government in an abandoned theatre. Knowing that their time is running out, they pass on a forbidden story to their children about the rise and fall of a mythical nation that was once said to be the greatest.

Book, Music, & Lyrics by David Davila

Developmental History:

- 4x15 Workshop, Musical Theatre Factory 2015

- New Musicals @ 54 Below 2014

VOX POP by David Davila

Bloom Where You're Planted

Darryl Jovan Williams sings "Bloom Where You're Planted" from VOX POP


Don't Look Back

Ben Rosenberry & Caitlyn Caughell sing "Don't Look Back" from VOX POP



Desi Oakley sings "Closer" from VOX POP


Be The Change

Cecily Daniels and N'Kenge sing "Be the Change" from VOX POP with help from Vanessa Theus and Michelle Caniglia


All Good Things

Jenna Leigh Green sings "All Good Things," the closing number from VOX POP



Charles Barksdale and Lindsay Hicks sing "It Has Begun," a cut song from VOX POP