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a musical parable

In the not too distant future, a group of rebels in an unnamed country hide from their government in an abandoned theatre. Knowing that their time is running out, they pass on a forbidden story to their children about the rise and fall of a mythical nation that was once said to be the greatest.

Book, Music, & Lyrics by David Davila

Developmental History:

- 4x15 Workshop, Musical Theatre Factory 2015

- New Musicals @ 54 Below 2014

VOX POP by David Davila
Vox Pop: Project

Bloom Where You're Planted

Darryl Jovan Williams sings "Bloom Where You're Planted" from VOX POP

Vox Pop: Video

Don't Look Back

Ben Rosenberry & Caitlyn Caughell sing "Don't Look Back" from VOX POP

Vox Pop: Video


Desi Oakley sings "Closer" from VOX POP

Vox Pop: Video

Be The Change

Cecily Daniels and N'Kenge sing "Be the Change" from VOX POP with help from Vanessa Theus and Michelle Caniglia

Vox Pop: Video

All Good Things

Jenna Leigh Green sings "All Good Things," the closing number from VOX POP

Vox Pop: Video


Charles Barksdale and Lindsay Hicks sing "It Has Begun," a cut song from VOX POP

Vox Pop: Video
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