a post-hipster duo

Davey & Nash are two songwriters living the Bohemian Dream in Bushwick and writing songs about love, longing, and spiders. Together they lead the audience on a journey of self-discovery and un-ironic "fun and games" including trivia, crossword puzzles, and coloring books. Their heartbreak is your entertainment in this two person commentary on why we feel attraction to the people who haunt us.

Music & Lyrics by

David Davila & Steph Nash


The Spider Song

David Davila & Steph Nash sing "The Spider Song" from Nash Potatoes & Davey



Steph Nash & David Davila sing "25" from Nash Potatoes & Davey


Wine & the Way We Embrace

Steph Nash & David Davila sing an abridged version of "Wine & the Way We Embrace" from Nash Potatoes & Davey


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