As a screenwriter and director Davila has made several short films and web series and is currently working on several larger projects. Pilots & Specs are available upon request.

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The Series

Most Likely To is a short-form serialized comedic-teen web series about several students who try to live out their senior year of high school during the pandemic. Can they make it just a few more months or will their worlds fall apart as they cry alone in their bedrooms to Olivia Rodrigo songs? 

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a web series

Cubtaro is your average Gay Bear Cub who loves to travel! He never turns his back on adventure! Watch him get up to all kinds of amazingly silly shenanigans in "The Adventures of Cubtaro: South Padre Island." 

Check out the pilot below and stay tuned for the full first season in early 2021! 


Episode One: Fishing!

When Cubtaro decides he wants to go fishing along the beach on South Padre Island, things do not go according to planned.