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a gay bedroom drama

Like two doomed stars circling a black hole, Michael and Harry are the most passionate of lovers who can't seem to stay away from each other even as they burn toward oblivion. Harry sees in Michael a chance to right his regrets while Michael sees in Harry a way out; but are they helping each other or hurting each other? Animal Husbandry is a gay bedroom drama that explores an explosive Daddy/Son romance and deconstructs the roles that psychosexual desires play in adult relationships. 

Animal Husbandry premiered at the Under St. Mark's Theatre in Manhattan in October 2019. ***Warning: Nudity & Violence***

Animal Husbandry Image.JPG


Photos by Jeff Coverstone

Animal Husbandry Poster designed by Nan
Daniel Hidalgo & David Michael Kirby
David Michael Kirby
Daniel Hidalgo & David Michael Kirby
Daniel Hidalgo & David Michael Kirby
Daniel Hidalgo
Daniel Hidalgo & David Michael Kirby
Daniel Hidalgo & David Michael Kirby
Daniel Hidalgo & David Michael Kirby
Daniel Hidalgo & David Michael Kirby
Daniel Hidalgo



Sidney Erik Wright-(director) previous work with David Davila includes directing PROMÉSA (MTF’s 4x15) and choreographing MANUEL VS. THE STATUE OF LIBERTY (NYMF).  As a new works director, he’s helmed MJ Halberstadt’s GRINDR (AND OTHER CONCERNS) (The Survivalists), Mariah MacCarthy’s UNTIL SHE CLAWS HER WAY OUT (EST Marathon), and Tamborra/Einhorn’s HYPATIA AND THE HEATHENS (Caveat).  Regionally, Sidney was SDC Observer to Susan Booth on Stephen King and John Mellencamp's GHOST BROTHERS OF DARKLAND COUNTY (Alliance Theater).  Other regional credits include HAIR at Woodstock (dir/choreo) and CAMELOT at the John W. Engeman Theater (choreo).  In 2018, he won ‘Best Choreography’ at the Sound Bites 10-Minute Musical Festival for his work on DEAD FLOWERS.  His Broadway Bares: Strip-U number PSYCH (reenvisioning Pavlov’s Dog as leather pup-play) currently has 2 million+ YouTube views.  BA English Literature, Harvard University.  Member SDC/AEA.

david kirby 1.jpeg


David Michael Kirby (GERRY) is a graduate of the Atlantic Theater Company conservatory program. He is a versatile actor, singer, director and writer. In August this year, David portrayed Major Carrisford in the US premier of a new musical: "A Little Princess" on the Diamond stage at the Signature in NYC. Other noteworthy NYC appearances include Dance Divas Nutcracker (World premiere-Theatre Row); The Spoon River Project (NYC premiere-Greenwood Cemetery); Carnival Round the Central Figure (NYC premiere-IRT). Select film: Zero Issue; WARFIELD; The Lion’s Den. Web series: Mythos (ITVFest award-winner). David is a founding member of New Ambassadors Theatre Company.


Has been involved with Animal Husbandry since its infancy at the Play Ground Experiment. He was last seen playing Rafael in “90 Miles of Separation” at the Hudson Guild Theatre. Past theatre credits includes Ian in “Deathbed” (Theatre Row), Milo in “Querencia” (Nuyorican Poets Café), Patrick in “Mel’s Art Exhibit” (Access Theatre) and Don Félix in “La Fuerza de la Costumbre” (Repertorio Español).

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Cory Alexander (Stage Manager) is a New York based Actor, Singer, Stage manager and all-inclusive theatre creator. Originally from Texas, Cory is an alumni of Texas A&M - Corpus Christi where he attained his Bachelor of Arts in Theatre. Cory’s original passion is-and always will be- acting and singing, but has a mutual respect and love for stage management. His first endeavor in stage management was in college and he instantly fell in love with it. Since then, he has stage managed 5 professional/Collegiate shows. Cory is so excited to be a part of this Project and can’t wait to bring this play to life.


Originally from South Texas, Kat is proud to be a Mexican-American-British actress, writer, & producer, living and working in Great Britain. After graduating from Oklahoma City University, Kat’s career started as a busker in the Newcastle metro. Notable roles are Tracy Turnblad, in HAIRSPRAY, and Nellie Forbush, in SOUTH PACIFIC. Kat has filmed television shows for ABC Family International, BBC, CBBC, & Sky Vision and has also recorded voice-overs for UNASYS, UBISOFT, UNILEVER, 20th CENTURY FOX, & DISNEY.  follow @jolovka


Adele Rylands (Intimacy Choreography)

Adele Rylands is a fight choreographer and intimacy director for film, TV, and stage. She previously worked with David Davila and Sidney Erik Wright on the musical Manuel Vs the Statue of Liberty.

Hao Bai (Lighting Design)

Hao Bai works as a designer & tech in lights, sound & video projection, and occasionally photographer. Hao has been working with amazing artists and theatre groups who have inspired her: Charlotte Braithwaite, Alec Duffy, Ping Chong Company, the Talking Band, Mabou Mines, The Wooster Group, Loco7 etc. Hao is also a resident visual/sound designer at La Mama. @haobai523

Keyon Woods (Costume Design)

Keyon Woods is a costume designer from Kansas City, Missouri who recently graduated from University of North Carolina School of the Arts. His work extends nationally and internationally. This is his New York debut!

Nan Qian (Poster Art & Marketing Design)

Nan Qian is a visual artist, painter, illustrator, and color lover from Kunming, China. He is a full-time student at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan.       @nan_qny


Thank you to everyone who helped make the 2019 NY Fringe production happen!

Lead Producer, Kat Lozano

Lead Producer, Elda Ruiz Dawson

Producer, Ramiro Davila Jr. 

Producer, Lupita Davila

Producer, Charles Barksdale

Producer, Kimberly Hicks

Producer, Luis Ochoa-Andrade

Patron, Rosario Barrera

Patron, Princess Barrera

Patron, Anonymous

Patron, Jeff Jordan

Patron, Anna Gangai

Patron, Tori Marra

Patron, Vanessa Rae Lerma

Patron, Evelyn Rodriguez

Patron, Justin Po Yu Lai

Patron, Noemi de la Puente

Patron, Andy Richardson

Patron, Gregory Guma

Patron, Jayson Sy

Patron, Shante Carpenter

Patron, Molly Bagby

Patron, Alexander Vuong

Patron, Josh Rodriguez

Patron, Darylin Smith

Patron, Katie Kearns

Patron, Seth Bisen-Hersh

Patron, Brendan Daugherty

Patron, Ashley Mitchell

Patron, Ed Levy

Patron, Mandy Murphy

Patron, Pat Murphy

Paton, Lin Bo

Patron, Mary Garcia

Patrons, Al Mozisek and Sid Seidenberger

Patron, Guadalis Del Carmen

Patron, Julia Estrada

Patron, Heidi Belec

Patron, Julia Botero

Patron, Jessica Hackett

Patron, Rainya Shingledecker Mosher

Patron, Alexandra Castro

Patron, Erika Nicole Redfield

Patron, Autumn Burgess

Patron, Rebecca Aparicio



  • The PlayGround Experiment 2016

  • Barn Arts Maine 2016

  • Feast Performance Art Series 2018

  • Broadviews on Broadway 2018

  • FRINGE NYC 2019

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