David Davila is a writer, performer, and filmmaker from the border of South Texas where 45 wants to build his idiotic wall. He has way too much to say about almost everything which is why he writes plays, films, musicals, poetry, sketch, and does stand-up comedy. He's an alumnus of The Second City Training Center Chicago, a proud member of Musical Theatre Factory, the founding Artistic Director of Lone Star Theatre Company, and the son of a preacher man. He dedicates his life to telling the stories of Latinx and gay people living in the United States. His theatre works include Manuel Vs the Statue of Liberty: a musical comedy, Promesa: a mariachi musical, Animal Husbandry, Aztec Pirates & the Insignificance of Life on Mars, Vox Pop: a musical parable, Pyramid: a musical adventure, #52SONGS: a song cycle, Tales from Highway 281, Adan y Julio y la Frontera 2003, Men of God, Abuelas or the Poverty Cycle, Credo, Butt Babies Never Live: a poetry cycle, and many short plays and films. Follow him at @davidodavila


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