an undocumented musical comedy

Manuel vs. the Statue of Liberty is an award winning musical comedy about undocumented immigrants and what it means to be American. Manuel is as American as Taco Salad and student debt, but if he wants to go to college himself he'll have to risk coming out as an undocumented immigrant. That could be extra tricky now that new immigration reform laws require all so-called-illegal immigrants to fight the Statue of Liberty (a genderqueer rock n’ roll version of the American icon) in a real life high stakes boxing match for their green-cards. Is Manuel brave enough or even crazy enough to take on the two-hundred and twenty-five ton mammoth of copper and steel? This raucous musical comedy leaps from Latin rhythms to rap and hip-hop to glam rock to soaring Broadway ballads as our hero navigates a treacherous world where any stranger could become an enemy, and even baby Jesus can be deported.

Music & Lyrics by David Davila
Book & Lyrics by Noemi de la Puente





  • Gallery Players Brooklyn 2018

  • Princeton University Workshop 2017

  • Princeton University Reading 2016

  • Dramatic Question Theatre Reading 2016

  • PlayGround Experiment Dev Reading 2016

  • NYMF Workshop Production 2015 (Best New Musical Nomination, Best New Song Winner, Best Actress Winner, Social Relevance & Impact Award)

  • NYMF Reading 2014 (Outstanding New Musical Reading Award 2014)


"Contender" from Manuel Vs the Statue of Liberty

All Manuel wants is a shot at a regular life in the USA, where he has lived most of his life.


"Change the Law" from Manuel Vs the Statue of Liberty


"American Nightmare" from Manuel Vs the Statue of Liberty

The opening number introduces us to the Statue of Liberty and everything she believes in.


No Se Puede

Tami Dahbura sings "No Se Puede" from Manuel Vs. The Statue of Liberty


Dare to Dream

Brendan Daugherty sings "Dare to Dream" from Manuel Vs. The Statue of Liberty


The Statue's Torch Song

Brian Charles Rooney sings "The Statue's Torch Song" from Manuel Vs. The Statue of Liberty

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