a song cycle

A massive year long cycle and vlog composed and performed by David Davila in 2011. Davila challenged himself to write and perform a song a week for an entire year while he vlogged about the process. The result was a large collection of personal, political, hysterical, and often poignant songs reflecting the world of a starving artist living in New York City.

All 52 songs by David Davila

select songs cowritten with:

Steph Nash, Thomas Dieter, Eric Grunin, Sean Havrilla, Maria Guadalupe Davila, Gerardo Davila, Charles Barksdale, Roxanne Cardenas, Yalda Zamiri, Xavier Ciro, and Drew Gasparini.

#52songs was originally performed at the Laurie Beechman Theatre with additional sold out performances at The Triad, The West End, and the Underground.


Falling Behind

Lillian Andrea de Leon sings "Falling Behind" from #52SONGS



Charles Barksdale sings STONEWALL by Havrilla & Davila from #52SONGS



Ruby Rakos sings "Remember" from #52SONGS


The Man Song

David Davila sings "The Man Song" by Davila & Drew Gasparini, from #52SONGS


Lullaby (Blessed Dream)

David Davila & Yalda Zamiri sing "Lullaby (Blessed Dream) from #52SONGS


Fucking Beautiful

Jenna Leigh Green sings "Fucking Beautiful" by Havrilla & Davila from #52SONGS


The Great Recession

Jillian Cox sings "The Great Recession" by Havrilla & Davila from #52SONGS



Jaime Cepero sings "Afia" from #52SONGS



Gabrielle Ruiz sings "Saturday" from #52SONGS


No Kiss Goodbye

Steph Nash sings "No Kiss Goodbye" from #52SONGS


Doesn't Matter What Everyone Else Says

Molly Smith sings "Doesn't Matter What Everyone Else Says" from #52SONGS


52 Songs

John Fitzpatrick sings "52 Songs" from #52SONGS