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a song cycle

A massive year long cycle and vlog composed and performed by David Davila in 2011. Davila challenged himself to write and perform a song a week for an entire year while he vlogged about the process. The result was a large collection of personal, political, hysterical, and often poignant songs reflecting the world of a starving artist living in New York City.

All 52 songs by David Davila

select songs cowritten with:

Steph Nash, Thomas Dieter, Eric Grunin, Sean Havrilla, Maria Guadalupe Davila, Gerardo Davila, Charles Barksdale, Roxanne Cardenas, Yalda Zamiri, Xavier Ciro, and Drew Gasparini.

#52songs was originally performed at the Laurie Beechman Theatre with additional sold out performances at The Triad, The West End, and the Underground.

#52songs: Project

Falling Behind

Lillian Andrea de Leon sings "Falling Behind" from #52SONGS

#52songs: Video


Charles Barksdale sings STONEWALL by Havrilla & Davila from #52SONGS

#52songs: Video


Ruby Rakos sings "Remember" from #52SONGS

#52songs: Video

The Man Song

David Davila sings "The Man Song" by Davila & Drew Gasparini, from #52SONGS

#52songs: Video

Lullaby (Blessed Dream)

David Davila & Yalda Zamiri sing "Lullaby (Blessed Dream) from #52SONGS

#52songs: Video

Fucking Beautiful

Jenna Leigh Green sings "Fucking Beautiful" by Havrilla & Davila from #52SONGS

#52songs: Video

The Great Recession

Jillian Cox sings "The Great Recession" by Havrilla & Davila from #52SONGS

#52songs: Video


Jaime Cepero sings "Afia" from #52SONGS

#52songs: Video


Gabrielle Ruiz sings "Saturday" from #52SONGS

#52songs: Video

No Kiss Goodbye

Steph Nash sings "No Kiss Goodbye" from #52SONGS

#52songs: Video

Doesn't Matter What Everyone Else Says

Molly Smith sings "Doesn't Matter What Everyone Else Says" from #52SONGS

#52songs: Video

52 Songs

John Fitzpatrick sings "52 Songs" from #52SONGS

#52songs: Video
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