Adan y Julio: a play in two acts

Adan is a teenage mercenary on a quest for revenge, but when he meets Julio, the heir to the same drug empire that killed his father, his world is turned upside down by passion. Can Adan and Julio break away from the war-torn world of the Mexico/U.S. border, or is death the only escape?

ADAN Y JULIO is a quick paced, action filled play that mixes the dark world of drug trade with the rich tapestry of the Rio Grande culture and just enough camp to stay true to Davila’s voice as a Gay Latino playwright.

ADAN Y JULIO has been presented in readings through Primary Stages’ Jam Sessions reading series in 2012 andLone Star Theatre Co’s Texas Reads series in 2013, directed by Schnele Wilson.

Animal Husbandry 3 Animal Husbandry: a gay bedroom play

When Jerry and Danny get together their sparks are so hot they light fires; too bad neither of them can seem to escape before they get burned. Animal Husbandry is a new play that examines and deconstructs the construction and destruction of a gay couple’s relationship from courting to final breakup, with all of the temper tantrums, shattered wine glasses, mini-break-ups, and hot sex in-between. The play is told out of order, through a series of bedroom vignettes that hope to penetrate something deeper.

This play was first presented through a series of workshops at the PlayGround Experiment in Manhattan. Brendan Daugherty and Daniel Anthony Hidalgo starred, and Davila directed.

Men of God: a play in two acts

A group of priests in South Texas are shocked by the arrest of fellow priest, “Santo Mando,” who many consider to be a modern saint. In the midst of the allegations and rumors that are circling the community, Sergio, a young priest begins to question his own beliefs; searching for answers anywhere he can find them including the prison where Santo Mando is incarcerated. Can Sergio find the answers he is looking for before he gives in to the temptations of carnality?

This play was presented in readings through Primary Stages Jam Sessions readings in 2012 and Lone Star Theatre Co’s  Texas Reads series in 2014 directed by Roberto Cambeiro

AZTEC PIRATES & THE INSIGNIFICANCE OF LIFE ON MARS - David DavilaAztec Pirates & the Insignificance of Life on Mars: a play in two acts

Joe and Elida’s marriage is on the rocks, so when their best friends suggest an open relationship their love is put to the ultimate test. Can swinging with friends really save their marriage or will Joe’s weakness for sexy illegal aliens be the nail in the coffin?

david davila credoCredo: a play in two acts

Saul is a failed opera singer who returns to South Texas to teach high school choir, only to realize that he may end up failing at that as well. But soon he finds that he may have a ticket to success, a troubled student with a voice of gold. Can he turn a teenage hustler into a Texas All-State Choir member or will the boy prove to be Saul’s biggest downfall?

David Davila Requerdos of my lRecuerdos of My Life: a play

Told through monologues and performance poetry, Recuerdos of My Life is a hilarious, heart warming, life affirming, and sometimes chilling look at the many triumphs and regrets of dozens of Mexican-Americans living in South Texas.

David Davila The First Time I Fell In LoveThe First Time I Fell in Love: a play in two acts

Carlos, a young Hispanic poet, thinks he has found his muse when he meets the beautiful, telenovela obsessed, Wendy. But when Wendy gets pregnant they will have to quickly choose the type of future they want to live in. The one where they follow their dreams, or the one where they end up like their parents; miserable and poor.



for every action there is an opposite and equal reactionFor Every Action There is an Opposite and Equal Reaction

Carlos is a fabulous, and beautiful gay man who is very proud to be himself even at the hotel where he works. However, when his manager at work suddenly gives him unwanted negative attention he is suddenly forced to come face to face with the dangers of being someone’s scapegoat. This play was presented by NY Madness in Sept 2014, directed by Roberto Cambeiro.

the last virgin in schoolThe Last Virgin in School

A blistering dark comedy that tells the story of a thirteen year old girl trying to find her sexual identity after witnessing several traumatic events. With the help of her guidance counselor and her fabulous older brother, Peaches, she confronts her demons directly. This play premiered at the Big Tex Short Fest at Lone Star Theatre Co in May 2015, directed by Jeremy Karafin.

David Davila wine and the way we embraceWine and The Way We Embrace

Juan, the hottest bartender, at the hottest botana restaurant on the border, dreams of opening his own Nacho bar and settling down. But when he trusts all his hopes to the hands of his closeted boss he soon gets a lesson in what settling down really means. Can Juan beat the odds or will he have to settle for what is left? This play had readings at Primary Stages in 2012 and Lone Star Theatre Co in 2013 directed by David Davila.

business lunch 2Business Lunch

A businessman who has long been in love with his business partner decides to confess his love over Thai food. Their awkward meeting is made far worse by an elderly drag queen and her geriatric husband  seem to magnify the problems in life’s long conquest of love. This play was presented as a reading by The Playground Experiment in June 2015 directed by David Davila.

CAPITOL PLAYS wendy davis david davila mando alvarado raquel almazan lindsay hicksTHE CAPITOL PLAYS

Five plays inspired by Wendy Davis and the crazy day and night she spent defending women’s rights in Austin, TX. The plays — by Raquel Almazan, Mando AlvaradoDavid Davila, and Lindsay Hicks — depict different events (true or fictional) that could all take place at the Texas Capitol.

Davila’s two plays in the piece were WATCH US SIT IN: LIVE about several women who unsuccessfully try to garner awareness for the fact that Wendy Davis’ efforts in filibustering were being undermined, and ATTACK OF THE CASTROS: A GUBERNATIONAL MELODRAMA, in which several important political figures are overthrown by a group of Castro-twin clones created by the illuminati. The Capitol Plays, directed by Christopher Romero-Wilson, were presented by Lone Star Theatre Co in May of 2014.



david davila poemsThe Little Black Book Poems: an autobiographical poem collection

The Avocado Poems: a poem cycle (Published by the University of Texas Pan American)

We Make Love to Music: a poem cycle

An Artist on an Elevator: a poem collection

Cinco de Mayo & other South Texas poems: a poem collection

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