This knockout musical comedy about illegal immigration is inspired by the Dream Act and follows a young American man, who happens to also be an undocumented immigrant, as he fights for the right to leave the country legally and become a Rhodes Scholar.

The musical is inspired by the true story of Dan-el Padilla Peralta, a brilliant Princeton undergrad who received a scholarship to study classical Greek and Latin literature at Oxford, and could not leave this country because he had no way of returning due to his immigration status. It’s a story that crosses cultural barriers, and combines Latin rhythms, Rock-n-roll, and hip-hop music to tell a complete American story that is not often found on stage.

The musical debuted at the 2015 New York Musical Theatre Festival where it played a sold-out, extended run and was nominated for Best Musical. It also won awards for Social Relevance and Impact and for leading lady Shakina Nayfack who played the Statue of Liberty. It also won a Mikey award for the song “Contender.” In 2014 it won the NYMF Developmental Reading Series award. It was directed by Jose Zayas with music direction by Karl Hedrick.

It features book, music, and lyrics by Noemi de la Puente and David Davila.


In a dystopian future where bees are extinct and humans slaves must pollinate the crops, a young slave girl must choose to accept her circumstances or join the revolution to overturn her oppressive government. But when she suddenly becomes the key to an ancient religion’s “Vox Pop” prophecy the lines between good and evil, truth and lies blur as endless war becomes the only way to ensure every person’s voice is heard.

The musical which features the songs “Be The Change,” “Closer,” “Normal Heart,” “All Good Things,” “Propaganda,” “The Voice of the People” and others has a book, music and lyrics by David Davila based on a story developed by Davila and Mark Andrew Garner.

VOX POP was presented in concert form at 54 Below in November of 2014, and received a 4×15 workshop at Musical Theatre Factory in February of 2015 staring Brendan Daugherty, Brian Charles Rooney, and Jessica Kahkoska. Music Direction by Karl Hedrick.

david davila ed levy pyramidPYRAMID

When an Egyptian Pharaoh dies, everyone who knows the secrets of the Pharaoh’s pyramid must be buried with him. Today is the day the Pharaoh will be buried and the celebrations are in full effect. But when a young Egyptian girl discovers that her brother will be buried alive, she goes on a quest to destroy the pyramid and save her brother before sunset when he will be sealed inside the massive tomb forever.

PYRAMID premiered at Lincoln Center in Manhattan in 2015 as part of the “Across a Crowded Room” program. It features book & lyrics by Ed Levy, and music & lyrics by David Davila.


David Davila 52 SongsDavid Davila’s 52 Songs: is a massive song-writing project that David Davila embarked on in 2011-2012. He wrote one original song a week for an entire year. His songs span several genres from Pop/Rock to Country to Cabaret and Broadway as he worked with different collaborators. Several of the songs along the way were written for specific projects such as OCCUPY THE MUSICAL and CORNER GIRL: THE MUSICAL, and others. You can view all of the songs on youtube.

#52songs: ABRIDGED!, a version that featured highlights from the year long project, played sold-out concerts at the Laurie Beechman Theatre, the West End Lounge, the Triad, and the Underground and is currently being recorded as a musical theatre album.

TALES FROM HWY 281: is a new song cycle about what it’s like to live in small South Texas. What it’s like to fall in love there, start a family there, assimilate to small town culture, or fight desperately to escape it before they dig your grave there.  With catchy Texas-fried folk tunes and plenty of camp, Tales From Highway 281 serves as an introspective look at the dirt that feeds your roots, and the great lengths we go to escape that dirt.

TALES FROM HIGHWAY 281 premiered at the Intar Theatre in 2013 through the Roots and New Music Festival starring David Davila & Keith Hines.

fucking beautiful sean havrilla david davila cesar villavicencioFUCKING BEAUTIFUL – THE MUSICAL:  A song cycle about the lives of drag queens by the song writing duo of Sean Havrilla and David Davila. With a book by Cesar Villavicencio (Pixie Aventura) based on interviews with famous NYC drag queens, this musical shines a light on the personal struggles and triumphs of the fiercest ladies in entertainment.

Occupy the musical - David Davila Sean HavrillaOCCUPY THE MUSICAL: is a wacky and eye-opening look at the Occupy Wall Street movement. It was written as a collaboration project for Kerrigan & Lowdermilk and Adam Gwon’s musical theatre collaboration workshop at Primary Stages/ESPA. It has music by Eric Grunin, Sean Havrilla, B.J. Gandalfo, libretto by Rachael Migler, Ed Levy, Judith Leora, and lyrics by David Davila, Ed Levy, Robin Weiss, and Leslie Wolfkowitz.

This musical received a fully staged reading through Primary Stages in 2012 staring Charles Barksdale and Ursula Anderman.

Corner Girl the musical - David Davila Tara FikeCorner Girl: the musical – is the story of a destitute brother and sister (Tara and Ryan) who must turn to the seedy underground world of prostitution and human trafficking in search of a better life. Soon Tara and Ryan’s worlds are turned upside down by an infamous burlusque performer named Liza, a mysterious man in a mask, and murder. Will they find the better life they’re dreaming of, or will they end up back on the streets… or even worse… in their graves? (Music and Lyrics by David Davila, and Tara Fike)

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