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a derivative farcical flop

It's 1978 in small town South Texas and Freddy Vasquez just dropped acid in order to hype himself up to make whoopie with the hot chick in his dorm room and prove to himself and everyone else that he indeed likes hot chicks. He doesn't. He's actually madly in love with his hunky roommate Greg who walks around in nothing but a towel. Luckily for him, his drug induced Elton John sex fantasy has come to life to help him plot the perfect scheme to get rid of this girl and bed Greg. It's a swinging key-party fantasia packed with penis puppets, K.I.S.S. costumes, and Dolly Parton impersonators! Get ready for a disco-extravaganza you won't soon forget!

Written for the Indiana University Dept of Theatre and Dance, this play will have a production in 2023 at IU.

1970 Cover Page with name info.png
1970's College Sex Comedy: Project
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