a dramatic work of legitimate theatre

The Hotel Puerto Vallarta is the second most popular drag resort in sunny Puerto Vallarta - which ain't saying much considering there's only two. Though it hasn't been remodeled by the fab five or any other interior designer since the early nineties, some would call its shabbiness chic. Still, others would call an Über to take them to a nicer hotel. That won't stop local drag has-been turned hotel manager, Connie Guisada from dreaming of one day being able to restore it to it's former glory! So imagine how Connie and the other queens react when they find out their boss, Barbra Coa, has plans to sell to developers and leave them all unemployed. Can Connie prevent the sale of the Hotel Puerto Vallarta by the end of the business day or will she be turning tricks on Playa de los Muertos?

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