15134809_1538747609472320_3704121398837531610_nDavid Davila’s ANIMAL HUSBANDRY will receive a fully staged reading at FEAST Performance Series on December 7th. The play, which examines a gay couple’s May-December relationship from courting to final breakup is told out of order, through a series of bedroom vignettes that hope to penetrate something deeper.

Davila says about the play; “There is something so personal about sex between two people. You can learn so much about life, love, art, and even death during those passionate all-night sessions. I wanted to capture that for all time. I wanted to record it, not the anatomical parts in motion, but the honesty and revelation of one’s self. The money shots are captured on film all the time, I’m writing this play to somehow capture and recreate for all time what happens inside one’s heart and mind after you cum.”

FEAST is a new monthly event that invites you to the table for a fresh and delicious three-course performance series. Co-curators Conrad Kluck and Alex Randrup offer an evening of performances from the worlds of theater, music, dance, and poetry, including a new work-in-progress staged reading by our monthly featured playwright. FEAST cooks up new works every first Wednesday of the month at 7pm.

FEAST: December Series will also feature Jack Frederick as the appetizer and Meaghan Adawe McLeod as Dessert.

FEAST: December Series is December 7th at 7pm at UNDER St. Marks (94 St Marks Place). Tickets are $15 and are available at FeastPerformance.com. Join the artists after the show at The Grafton NYC for a special FEAST Happy Hour!

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